The Old Bar

The Old Bar on Johnston Street is one of Fitzroy's best live music venues

The Old Bar is a grungy spot that isn’t for those seeking an elegant night out. It’s the kind of place that would make your father shake his head and your mother weep. But we love it, and so will you

The faux leather on the stools is hanging on with hope (as are some of the regulars), the place is small and the music is loud. A major highlight of Old Bar is without doubt the entertainment. This venue is all about the music which is why they host live shows 7 nights a week!

A wide variety of genres is covered and the music certainly makes the bar while the decent drink menu helps keep everyone hydrated (ha!). The fact that the venue is very old school with posters covering the walls and moody lighting just makes it all the more special. It’s easy to down a few and lose yourself in the atmosphere.

The feel is very intimate and they even have a fireplace making the space even more so. In addition to entertaining patrons night after night, Old Bar hosts art exhibitions as well as knitting evenings (yes, knitting).

Other highlights of the place include pinball machines, free Wi-Fi, and the beer garden out back. It’s somewhat on the cramped side, but proves the old adage: good things come in small packages. Pay The Old Bar a visit, rock on, recover and go again.

The Old Bar is located at 74-76 Johnston Street, Fitzroy: telephone (03) 9417 4155.