Bimbo Deluxe

Bimbo Deluxe on Brunswick Street - one of the most popular bars in Fitzroy

Bimbo Deluxe, one of the longest running bars on Brunswick Street, boasts a better than average variety of alcoholic drinks and serves some tasty gourmet-style pizzas. During happy hour, pizzas are just $4 and there are several types to choose from including margherita, Caesar, and puttanesca.

The food and drink are what draw people in but let’s not overlook the atmosphere. The inside is delightfully different and they have a cool DJ booth. You can expect electronic, funk, house, disco, you know, what you are normally going to hear in a trendy Fitzroy bar. It’s open until late seven days a week

Bimbo Deluxe’s interior is a place you want to sit and catch up with friends after work or just grab a quick bite. The bar has a lot of seating which helps during their busier hours and there is an awesome rooftop area. It is difficult getting a table on the roof during the warmer months but it’s worth a try. This isn’t the place if you’re looking for anything fancy but is well suited for a no frills spot to wind down.

Oh yeah, their service doesn’t suck either.

Bimbo Deluxe is located at 376 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy: telephone (03) 9419 8600.