Bar Open

Bar Open on Brunswick Street - one of the longest running music venues in Fitzroy

Bar Open has an unassuming entrance that leads to one of the longest running music venues in Fitzroy. The venue itself isn’t anything fancy but it’s not without it’s charm. The ground floor houses your average Fitzroy-somewhat-grungy bar. This area of the venue is small and dimly lit and the décor is funky and random with red leather couches, various posters, and a large open fireplace. If the interior isn’t for you, there is the option to relax in the beer garden out back.

Although a grungy venue, it has allure. That allure is the drinks and entertainment. Drinks are what they serve here and they do them right. There’s also cheap beer on tap. Having live music playing 5-6 nights a week doesn’t hurt either. Just head upstairs to the band room. Bar Open is THE place to check out random bands you’ve never heard of and enjoy fun filled nights you probably won’t remember. The music is loud creating an engulfing atmosphere and all genres are welcome so they aren’t lacking variety: rock, reggae, folk, psychedelic and everything in-between.

If film is your thing, Screen Sect at Bar Open usually shows a cult flick every Monday.

Pay this place a visit once and you’ll find yourself coming back every week. The casual and cool yet lively atmosphere is infectious. No wonder Bar Open has been around since 1998.

Bar Open is located at 317 Brunswick Street: telephone (03) 9415 9601.